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With realistic tips and informed advice, we'll help you get your marketing house in order efficiently with easy, common-sense solutions. 

Please note it is the individual client's (school and/or parent-teacher group) responsibility to know and follow all district standards, rules and mandates, as well as all applicable laws, and to obtain any necessary approval before instituting any recommended changes.

I want all our schools to succeed and I'm looking to gain experience. Please take advantage of my free services!

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Phone discussions about your school's unique situation and marketing needs are always free. My goal is to create a helpful resource for public schools and I always enjoy talking to others interested in helping their school succeed.


Onsite consultation includes an assessment of your school and its situation; a marketing plan with customized (and realistic!) strategies and solutions; and periodic coaching afterward to ensure the job gets done. Onsite visit, including meeting with stakeholders, typically lasts about four hours.


Informal 2.5 hour session during which participants learn the basics of school marketing in a group setting. Workshop series are occasionally offered as well, at a bundled price.


Anne helped with creative ideas to help market our school and always supplied us with valuable information to help make our school a better place for everyone.

Rhea, Elementary School PTO President