Why You Need Thank You Notes

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

It's simple but powerful.

Fist bumps and high fives are fine, but they would have preferred a thank you note.

Get thank you notes and use them! All the time! I know it sounds trivial, but sending a thank you note is a great marketing tactic for lots of reasons. It's becoming all the more rare and therefore it's particularly special for the recipient.

Indeed, it's a win-win: it makes the recipient feel good and it encourages word-of-mouth advertising, which as you know, is exactly what you want. A culture of thank you's and personal attention at this level is remarkable (and memorable!) for a school and will spur your parents to talk about it with others, naturally and authentically.

This frequent act of kindness also helps with retention as it reinforces that your school, with its personal attention and attitude of gratitude, is a wonderful, positive place to be.


1. Select nice thank you notes. They don't have to be expensive but spend some time selecting notes that are attractive. If they are ugly, they may do you more harm than good! Ask yourself if they reflect your brand. Ours were foldable and blank inside. The front had our school logo and name.

2. Brag on the back. Rather than leaving it blank, include a blurb on the back about your school, bragging about its accomplishments and explaining what sets it apart from other schools.This is an opportunity to inform.

3. Use often. Encourage PTO members to use the thank you notes often! (Examples include to parents, teachers, community members for helping with a particular event; sponsors; vendors; and prospective parents they meet.)

4. Encourage your principal. If the principal is willing, it'd be nice if he/she would set a goal for writing a certain number each week. (Examples include to teachers and staff for their dedication and good work; parents to inform them their child was helpful, following directions, polite, etc. that week; parents for helping with events; families who toured; and families who have enrolled.)

5. Encourage teachers & staff. Hopefully, if the principal is willing, they will encourage teachers and staff to use thank you notes as well.

6. Watch the costs. See how things go, and you want this to really take off, but of course you have to be mindful of costs. If postage costs become too high, thank you notes can be sent home in backpacks and put in cubbies when applicable. Phone calls and emails could replace thank you notes in some scenarios as well.

Happy writing and let me know how this goes. Or maybe your school already does something similar? Now read about how your school's phone can be put to work.