Utilize Your Lobby

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Inspire your captive audience!

Is yours working for you?

The school lobby is an important place within your school. It’s the hub of activity and most significantly, it’s the place where parents often wait, both prospective and current. Why not make the most of it by using the wall space to silently advertise how great your school is to a captive audience?

After you have gotten permission from your principal, let your creativity reign, of course keeping your brand in mind.


1. Wall pictures. At my kids’ school, we did a wall of photos. I went through all our pictures for the previous year and selected ones that reflected positively on our school and showed different aspects: politician visiting; students performing in a parade; choir singing; students competing in the spelling bee; teachers having a laugh during field day; competing in robotics, etc. Then, I bought 16 matted 8 x 10 frames and hung them in a grid. I decided to include a matted, typed explanation below each photo because a lot of the events weren’t quite obvious and that way I could sell the school a little. You can change out the pictures annually. Remember before using photos of students you need to verify with administration that all children are media-cleared.

2. TV on lobby wall. This is a way more modern approach to what I described above and we also utilized this approach. You can have a slide show and include some captions, explaining events and emphasizing your selling points.

3. Hall of fame. You can hang up pictures of various groups and individuals at your school, past and present—students, teachers, alumni—who deserve special recognition. Below each photo you can include a brief explanation of who is pictured and why.

4. Framed brochures and posters of different performances. I once toured a school that focused on putting on various theatrical productions and so on a lobby wall they had playbills and posters from various performances. I think they also had a couple framed cast photos. It was a nice, compelling display and immediately let you know this school values its performing arts programs. This approach could be adapted to other niches, as well.

What are your ideas? What messages would you want to convey to school visitors? Let me know what you come up with. Share photos, too! And have you checked your school's voicemail message?