Upgrade Your Phone Message

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Don't let this opportunity slip by...

Don't let your phone by lazy. Put it to work for your school!

Right now, call your school. Listen to the automated message. Does it brag about your school’s accomplishments? Does it convey your brand? If not, talk to your principal and see if he or she would be amenable to changing it.

The voice message is one of the first points of contact for a prospective parent and you want to make a good impression. Plus, it can reinforce yours is a great school to those already there. You have a captive audience—make the most of it!

Example 1: Thanks so much for calling A-rated Jones Traditional School, where we use traditional, time-tested methods of teaching our students classic academic subjects.

Example 2: Hello and thank you for calling Jenkins School, rated superior by the state for the past five years and home of the state champion robotics team. We are proudly preparing our students for the future by utilizing a STEAM curriculum.

Got it? Great. For another quick-ish tip, consider changing up your lobby.