Involving Your Principal

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

This is a must.

Your principal has to wear so many hats and marketing might not be the favorite, but you can help make it a bit more comfortable.

Every principal is different. Some truly value marketing, some enjoy it, some see it as totally pointless and everything in between. Many marketing directors have told me it's difficult to get principal buy-in. (In today’s climate, I think marketing should be part of a principal’s job description.) Wherever yours falls, you must make an effort to include them in school marketing.


1. Initial meeting. Even if they are uninterested, principals would like to know what you are up to and appreciate staying informed. When you reach out to set up an initial meeting, ask them to bring any enrollment statistics for review. Discuss the data and findings and ask if/how they want to be further involved if you are unsure.

2. Mixed bag. Keep in mind sometimes principals can be full of good intentions but bad at marketing tasks which can lead to delicate situations.

3. Open communication. Check-in periodically with your principal. Give your principal updates and ask for help or advice, as well as approval if necessary. Include them in decision-making when appropriate.

4. Different perspective. Your principal might have other, very helpful ideas and can explain how certain things have to be done in the district. They also should know if/when you need to reach out to the district’s marketing department. Always err on the side of caution.

5. Helpful contacts. As an employee of the district, your principal probably knows many of the district employees and their roles far better than us parents. Ask your principal for help when you are stuck. Sometimes I would mention an issue to the principal and he would immediately get on the phone with someone in the district and, much to my surprise, get it resolved. He knew so many people I hadn’t heard of (position or the individual) and as such, was far more efficient than I would have been.

I'm optimistic you will have a good experience working with your principal. Any tips to share? Make sure to check-out why retention is important. And do you manage your school's negatives well?