Inevitable Volunteer Turnover

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

It's a fact of life, isn't it?

They are all going to leave at some point.

Volunteers, even the best intentioned, come and go and sometimes at inopportune times. It might be mid-year but often it’s at the end of the school year. This isn’t a reason to not do stuff; we just have to be prepared for it. Consider this a quick reminder to plan ahead.

(Very Commonsensical) Tips

1. No one is an island. The marketing chair should provide regular updates and reports to the Board (and administration, if applicable) so everyone can stay informed.

2. Keep a binder. The binder should contain items including a calendar, budget, brand, enrollment weaknesses, marketing plan and/or goals, correspondence, notes, hard copies and flash drive of any other documents like flyers, surveys, etc.

3. Do it as you go. Waiting until you are leaving is a lousy time to get these things together. There’s no way you will remember everything and it can be very time consuming.

4. Meet. Replacement and predecessor should meet if possible and exchange contact info.

Did I forget anything? Check out another quick-ish tip, this one about labeling your school programs. Have any quick tips you’d like to share?