Four reasons you're unsure about marketing your public school

It's understandable to have reservations. This is uncharted territory. But here's why your school needs you to get over them.

Once you run the numbers, marketing your school is a no-brainer.

As a school volunteer or school administrator, you do so much for your school. And now you're supposed to market the school, too? I know. It's a lot. It doesn't sound like it should be your job. And it doesn't sound like the best use of the little time you have to give.

But it's a bit of an uphill battle for public schools right now, isn't it? Funding continues to shrink while competition lurks around the corner. If you're like me, you volunteer to help your school because you care about its continued success. You know a successful, thriving school is a better place for your child and the community. And if you're an administrator, to put it bluntly, you also know that a stable school is better for job security, and measurable results from marketing efforts would look good for you professionally.

It's brutal that we have to add to our workload but it is what it is. So let's roll up our shirtsleeves, tackle why you might be unsure and get a move-on.

Questions You May Have:

1. Isn't this what districts do? The scope of every district's marketing efforts is different and should be confirmed before adopting a school marketing plan. Still, there are always things at the school level that parents can do and in fact, some tasks only can be done by parents.

2. What can we really do? You have little time and money and you're volunteers. I know it feels unlikely, but you can effect real change, even with the limited resources parent groups often face. Read through this blog for all sorts of realistic ideas, including alternatives to doing an event booth, utilizing your lobby and ways you can help with retention.

3. Our school is doing fine. Why should we market? That's wonderful! You never know when the market will change and strengthening your position is always a good idea. Now is the time to work on your marketing plan because you are not tempted to frantically and inefficiently triage.

4. Is this really a good use of our time? Just because marketing activities generally happen outside the classroom does not mean this role is less deserving of your time and attention. Marketing, when done in a smart and purposeful way, can help foster school stability which directly impacts your child's experience. Indeed, a successful, thriving school is a better place for your child and the surrounding community.

Every additional child that attends your school, as well as each child that remains at your school, represents thousands of dollars in your school's pocket. It's like a super-charged fundraiser! Convinced? Read about 5 marketing tasks you can do right now. They're straightforward tasks that cost nothing and are not a waste of time.