Do you want to help ensure your kids' school continues to thrive?

Do you feel its reputation is inaccurate?

Do you have flat or declining enrollment?

Are you concerned about competing schools in your area?

Public School Marketing can help.


In today's school climate, where competition lurks around every corner (and that's an understatement!), public schools need to put their best foot forward to compete. But how? Money and time are scarce.

Whether you're a school with a well-oiled marketing machine or have very little in place, Public School Marketing can help! So maybe you can't mail out gorgeous, glossy brochures or offer free i-pads like other schools (sigh). There's still a lot you can do and there's always room for improvement.

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Marketing sounds like a good idea but you may be wondering:

We have little time and money and we are volunteers. What can we really do? It may feel unlikely, but you can effect real change, even with the limited resources parent groups often face. We can create a realistic plan tailored to any school's situation.

Isn't this what districts do? The scope of every district's marketing efforts is different and should be confirmed before adopting a school marketing plan. Still, there are always things at the school level that parents can do and in fact, some tasks only can be done by parents.

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We keep it simple. With realistic tips and informed advice, we'll help you get your marketing house in order efficiently. We're not talking about a time-consuming, complicated overhaul. We're talking about easy, common-sense solutions.

Check out the PSM blog and sign up for occasional tips. Take a look at our different service options. And if you have a question, just ask. I enjoy talking shop and want all public schools to succeed.

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Anne Wurth, Founder

Public School Marketing

I hope you find inspiration and encouragement for all your school marketing needs.

Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part--prioritizing can be challenging. 

Other times it's staying on track that's tough--we're all busy and things come up. 

If you need some direction, a sounding board or someone to keep you on track, I'd be happy to help.


Our school, as well as our school district, benefitted from Anne's unique perspective and the creative marketing strategies she came up with.

Maryann, PTO President

With the current school-choice atmosphere, it's essential for public schools to market themselves. Anne had just the right knowledge and skills to help our school.

Nikki, Elementary School Site Council Member



Marketing Directly Benefits Our Students

Just because marketing activities generally happen outside the classroom does not mean this role is less deserving of your time and attention. Marketing, when done in a smart and purposeful way, can help foster school stability which directly impacts your child's experience. Indeed, a successful, thriving school is a better place for your child and the surrounding community. 

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Public School Marketing

We help schools shine.


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